A montage featuring favorite moments from various pieces.


An inventor goes back in time to save his brother.

Role: Co-creator (4-person group project) - Focus: Story Development, Directing, Cam Operating, Editing, Sound Mixing 

Produced for Visual Aesthetics class final project at Biola University

After Yesterday

An elderly man struggles to connect with his granddaughter amidst loss and early signs of dementia.

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Role: Director, Writer, Producer, Editor

A Piacere

A violin student wrestles with her motivations for studying what she loves.

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Role: Writer, Director, Editor

Produced for Directing for Film & TV class at Biola University

To Be Apart

A young boy runs off alone into the woods.

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Role: Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor

Conceived and shot within 72 hours. 

Valued Goods

A young man tries to get in on a drug deal, but doesn't fully realize what that entails.

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Role: Director, Writer

Produced with Draft Pro Post at Biola University

I Smell the Salt

A young girl discovers a new way to see and experience the world.

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Role: Co-Creator (4-person group project) - Focus: Producing, Directing, Cinematography

Produced for Directing for Film & TV class at Biola University


A detective closes in on a murderer, but along the way risks exposing her own troubled past.

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Role: Co-creator (4-person group project) - Focus: Producing & Directing