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After producing a feature film, working with national brands including Coca-Cola and Regal Cinemas, and screening his films at festivals worldwide (all before the age of 21), Andy Brewster has quickly immersed himself in the world of media since toying with LEGO stop-motion in middle school. With a love for storytellers from Tolkien to Tarkovsky and the power of story and film on the human soul, Andy continues to seek projects that speak to and relate human struggles. 

As a director, he has brought several award-winning shorts to life including “A Piacere” (2018), “After Yesterday” (2017), and “Verto” (2018). In freelance, he has produced a variety of content from developing commercial concepts with Coca-Cola and Regal as a semi-finalist in their nationwide film school competition, to promotional pieces for local theatres and businesses. As a producer, he organized the production of the feature film Rubaru by Marco Zambrana that will be released in 2019.

Andy is also a classically-trained violinist and has performed as a soloist in the US, Canada, and Germany and has studied with artists such as the Shanghai String Quartet, Aizuri Quartet, Brian Reagin, Rebekah Binford, Lisa Malcolm, and Elizabeth Larson. He held a seat in the Triangle Youth Philharmonic for 5 years, has been a member of 4 different quartets including the WCPE String Quartet with the North Carolina Chamber Music Institute, and performed with the NC Symphony multiple times. He is currently pursuing a music minor at Biola University along with his film degree and sits as concertmaster of the Biola Symphony Orchestra.

Andy currently attends Biola University near Los Angeles to major in Cinema and Media Arts (with a concentration in Production), minor in Music (with an emphasis on violin performance), and study great books through the Torrey Honors Institute.



Bold for award-winning or specially recognized projects.


  • "To Be Apart" - Short Film - 2018 - Josiah Productions

  • "The Music Student in It's Natural Habitat" - Short Film - 2018 - Biola University

  • "Flossing Duel" - Comedy Sketch - 2018 - Josiah Productions

  • "Juliana" - Short Film - 2017 - Sonorous Road Productions

  • "NCCMI: The Experience of Chamber Music" - Short Promotional Doc - 2017 - Josiah Productions


  • "To Be Apart" - Short Film - 2018 - Josiah Productions

  • "Flossing Duel" - Comedy Sketch - 2018 - Josiah Productions

  • "After Yesterday" - Short Film - 2017 - Josiah Productions

  • "Juliana" - Short Film - 2017 - Sonorous Road Productions

  • "NCCMI: The Experience of Chamber Music" - Short Promotional Doc - 2017 - Client: NCCMI

  • "Now and Then" - Short Film - 2017 - Heroes of the Cross

  • "The God Game: Behind the Scenes" - Short Doc - 2017 - Sonorous Road Productions

  • "The Box" - Animated Short - 2013 - Animato Studios

Camera Operator

  • "PayDay" - Short Film - 2018 - Biola University

  • "Dies Irae" - Short Film - 2018 - Biola University

  • Commencement - 2018 - Biola University

  • "Beat" - Short Film - 2017 - Biola University

  • "The Space Between" - Short Film - 2017 - Draft Pro Post

  • Punk N Pie - Live Event - 2017 - Biola University

  • Christmas Tree Lighting - Live Event - 2017 - Biola University

Assistant Camera

  • "Just Us" - Short Film - 2018 - Biola University


  • "Apporia" - Short Film - 2018 - Biola University

  • "Design" - Music Video - 2018 - Chris Hutton


  • "Last Summer" - Short Film - 2018 Biola University

  • "My Flower" - Short Film - 2017 - Biola University


  • Rubaru - Feature - 2019 - Meta-Narrative/Josiah Productions - Marco Zambrana, Director

  • “An Ode to Solitude” - Short Film - 2019 - Josiah Productions - Matt Andringa, Director

  • Stereo-Pop - Coca-Cola/Regal Challenge Semi-Finalist Commercial Pitch - 2018 - Biola University - Anna Leslie, Director


  • "A Piacere" - Short Film - 2018 - Josiah Productions

  • "To Be Apart" - Short Film - 2018 - Josiah Productions

  • "I Smell the Salt" - Short Film - 2018 - Biola University*

  • "Flossing Duel" - Comedy Sketch - 2018 - Josiah Productions

  • "After Yesterday" - Short Film - 2017 - Josiah Productions

  • "Verto" - Short Film - 2017 - Biola University**

  • "Valued Goods" - Short Film - 2017 - Draft Pro Post***

  • "Juliana" - Short Film - 2017 - Sonorous Road Productions

  • "NCCMI: The Experience of Chamber Music" - Short Promotional Doc - 2017 - Josiah Productions

  • "The Box" - Animated Short - 2013 - Animato Studios

Assistant Director

  • Rubaru - Feature - 2019 - Meta-Narrative

  • “Duet” - Short Film - 2019 - Biola University

  • “Quiet Hours Enforced” - Short Film - 2018 - Biola University

  • “Avast: Life of a Pirate” - Short Film - 2018 - Biola University

  • "We're Moving!" - Promotional Short - 2017 - Sonorous Road Productions

Script Supervisor

  • "To Die For" - Short Film - 2016 - CHI Productions

Audio Technician (Boom Op & Sound Mixer)

  • "Midnight Sunset: Episode 1" - Web Series - 2018 - Dead Serious Comedy

Production Assistant

  • Unbridled - Feature - 2017 - Moving Visions Entertainment


*class project co-created with 3 other students / written by DJ Schaffer

**class project co-created with 3 other students

***no producer credit



For a selection of corporate pieces please refer to the Portfolio page.


-Related Experience-

Coca-Cola/Regal Challenge 2019 Semi-Finalist (2018)

Produced a 30-second commercial pitch and was selected as a top 15 semi-finalist out of over 600 submissions from the top 30 film schools in the country. Worked with representatives from Coca-Cola and Regal to refine the idea to pitch to executives.

Biola University Communications and Marketing Video Intern (2017-current)

Primarily shoot chapels or lectures and edit content for Open Biola. Regularly assist with interview shoots and promotional pieces for the school and cam op for live events. Often shoot on Sony EX1 and Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro cameras. Edit in Adobe Premiere.

Sonorous Road Theatre and Film Studio Film Instructor (2017-current)

Responsibilities vary from producing video content for the studio, lead and design curriculum for filmmaking camps, oversee after care, and run tech for live shows. Cameras and software most often used include Panasonic GH4s, FCPX, and Lightkey.

Biola University Conservatory of Music Recording Technician (2018), Lead Technician (2019-current)

Record and edit student, faculty, and guest concerts for the Biola University Conservatory. As of spring 2019, was promoted to lead technician to oversee and manage all recordings for the Conservatory.

Torrey Honors Institute Photographer (2019-current)

Shoot event photos for select functions of the Torrey Honors Institute.

Torrientation Seer and Video Producer (2018)

Responsible for the development and production of all video content created for the 2018 orientation for the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University. Also act as a student leader ("Seer") for a cohort of incoming Freshmen to help welcome them to the life of Torrey.

Biola University School of Cinema and Media Arts Student Advisory Council (2018-2019)

Provide feedback, ideas, and discuss the health of the film department with faculty at the nomination of my fellow sophomore class.

Glenn County Interscholastic Film Festival Judge (2018)

Judged dozens of short films made by K-12 students for the GIFF Festival, an event designed to support young filmmakers in the rural, Californian agricultural country to create works of art on screen.

HARC Honors Chemistry TA/Video Producer (2016-2017)

Acted as teacher's assistant for honors-level Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology classes. Principal duties included assisting with and overseeing labs, grading, and even substitute teaching. Also got to shoot, produce, and edit videos for the HARC (Homeschool Academic Resource Center) website and bi-annual open houses. Other tasks included assisting setup for interviews and running lights, video, and sound during events. 

Animato Studios Artistic Director (2011-2014)

Self produced over 40 videos for Animato Studios, an award-winning LEGO stop-motion animation house with over 4.5 million views. Since the studio closed down the videos remain popular on YouTube and continue to amass thousands of views every week.

Sonorous Road Filmmaking Camp Intern (2015)

Received a special invitation to assist with a filmmaking camp during the summer of 2015 at Sonorous Road Productions.

 Short Film Production Class at Sonorous Road Productions (2015-2016)

Class curriculum covered every part of the filmmaking process including writing, planning, shooting, editing, and releasing a short film.   

SEEK Photography Class (2016)

Material covered included an overview of the the basic essentials of photography.

President, National Home School Honor Society, Pi Chapter (2016-2017)

While not technically film related, the office of President provided many opportunities to exercise leadership and skills necessary for producing a film. 

Lindalë String Quartet Musician and Co-Manager (2013-2017)

While also not directly film-related, experience with Lindalë provided great opportunities to learn about marketing, simple business finance, and working with other artists and clients. 


For directing or screenwriting credits unless otherwise specified.

Winner: Best Film: Glass Tulip Film Festival (After Yesterday) - Winner: Audience Choice: Screenings at Sonorous (After Yesterday) - Winner: Best Film: Screenings at Sonorous - Nominee: Best Picture: Biola Film Festival (A Piacere) - Nominee: Best Student Film: ENCFF 2017 (After Yesterday) - Semi-finalist: Biola University High School Screenwriting Contest (After Yesterday)

Producer for 2019 Coca-Cola/Regal Challenge Semi-finalist pitch “Stereo Pop”



Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Canon C100, RED Epic, Dragon, and Weapon (limited), Panasonic GH series, Sony EX1, Canon 5D series



Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop (limited), Final Draft 10, Celtx, Lightkey (limited), QLab (limited), Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft Office Suite, StudioBinder, MovieMagic

Josiah Productions serves as the private production "company" of Andy Brewster to facilitate his creative ambitions in film, photography, the arranging of sheet music, and other forms of media.