Andy Brewster



—Coming Spring 2020—


A MeToo story about a male victim in the classical music world.


A caesura is a break in a verse where one phrase ends and the following phrase begins... In time value this break may vary between the slightest perception of silence all the way up to a full pause.

Written by Andy Brewster and Emma Palmbach, “Caesura” will be produced as the Fall 2019 Biola Film class and will be sponsored by the Biola University School of Cinema and Media Arts.


Directed by Andy Brewster

Written by Andy Brewster and Emma Palmbach

Produced by Ellie LaFrombois and Jesse Creasman

Executive Producer: Dean Yamada

Director of Photography: Tyler Skillings

Production Designer: Emily Tkach

Editor: Robert Brown

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 12.58.15 AM.png

Storyboards by Emily Tkach