Andy Brewster
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Coming Late 2019


 In January of 2018 I embarked on the hardest thing I’ve ever done. After just one semester of film school, I jumped into producing a feature film. After an intense 8 months, we shot for 4 weeks in studio and on location across LA and San Bernardino counties. Since then we’ve been deep in post production and the film will soon be starting its festival circuit and be available to donors.




Nathan Mizzi (Charles)

Sarah Sawyer (Elizabeth)

Matthew Rhodes (Dane)

Sheri Effres (Kassandra)

Thomas Fairell (Garret)

Richard Wilson (Landlord)

Brooks Freitag (Kirk)

Natali van Maanen (Chloe)

Kaitlyn O’Connell (Emma)

Written and Directed by Marco Zambrana

Produced by Andy Brewster and Zach Argue

Cinematographer: Rebecca Baliko

Production Designer: Emily Tkach

Editor: Andrew Daughters

Music Composed and Conducted by Jorden Davis

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2019_04_24 RUBARU Score Recording-6.jpg
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2019_04_24 RUBARU Score Recording-3.jpg